If necessary

If necessary For example, test for correctness of a choice.

Show to the child a series of pictures, and the psychologist asks questions for example, Show a bed, or Show on what sleep, or Show, at whom four feet, showing pictures one for another.

If necessary carry out preliminary training.

In general the result of tests for intelligence is reliable rather for the average child.

However the skilled psychologist who works with the children having violations and knows advantages and shortcomings of different tests, on the basis of this research will manage to draw the correct conclusions and to make useful recommendations.

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In the evening

In the evening It was terrible, already horror!

But, as we know, fear takes molehills for mountains.

Procedure was, of course, unpleasant, but quite tolerant.

In the evening to all inhabitants of our office gave lecture on care of the newborn.

A standard set of recommendations how to wash how to bathe how to process an umbilical wound how to walk, what to do if suddenly there is a milkwoman, conjunctivitis how to struggle with intestinal gripes.

One thing very much surprised me.

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You can support

You can support Watch that it held the head on the average line in this situation, then he will be able to watch the hands and a toy, without turning.

You can support his head methods of oral control control of a mouth.

At a hyperkinetic form of a cerebral palsy excitement which is connected with game, provokes the involuntary movements.

In this case it is necessary to support the head and the childs trunk in steady situation so he will be able quietly to watch the events and at it it will turn out to operate the switch by means of the isolated movements.

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Teenagers Teenagers offer some things.

First, as I found out in the interviews, you should not change the main dynamics of conversations about street drugs.

Teenagers consider that when rather medicamentous drugs parents apply the same tactics of conversations, as well as about street drugs, it is productive.

Two main issues which, appear, had the greatest effect were mentioned.

The first: idea that all medicamentous preparations are harmless lie.

The second: the appointed medical means can be also harmful, as well as the forbidden drugs.

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visual impressions which he receives by means of the weakened sight, and allow it to know the world better.

Kindergarten and school Needs of the twothreeyearold child for training and the developing games are very high.

Outdoors it is possible to satisfy them in the different ways.

For children with motive violations and with violations of sight there are specialized kindergartens where experts come and train the personnel and parents.

In a live and fussy situation of child care facility the special attention should be paid to lighting and possible dangers which can be connected, for example, by that indoors there are wheelchairs or walkers.

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